Teleport Trick by Hyphy
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostwhisper ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
First of all, i got this trick from Swifty.
Im not taking any credit for this macro.

The last part of the vid on wcm steam didnt work, so please Dl, or steam it from youtube or wegame ;)

This is a:
\"how to\" (macro creating / using)


\"in action\" (PvP - AV)

Never really seen the trick (macro) in action, so i decided to try it out myself. Found out this was pretty cool, and i decided to make a video to share it, it was specially intended to my guildies. To give them a trick that might would help then out in Battlegrounds / Arenas etc.

I also made a GM-Ticket, where i asked if this was legal or not, and what the consequenses would be if i would get caught.
(The whole ticket is in the end of the movie)
The GM sounded to me, kinda unexperianced with this macro.
And his only answer was pretty much:
\"i wouldnt advice you to use it.\"
So i didn\'t get a real answer to if it was illigal or not, so i decided to mail certan people who i know have been using the macro, to ask if they have had any problems with gm\'s due to this macro.
And they all said they hadn\'t.

After some testing and experimenting i found out it would come in really handy for specially ranged classes, when used near edges.
(Video will show you what i mean)

Music used:

Matisyahu - One day

Ming & Fs - Big Little Jeffrey

Queen - Don\'t stop me now
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