SK-US Vs. TSG Analyzed by Cellicus
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Aegwynn ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
This is a recap of the US regional finals in WoW 2009 between
Zileax = Zilea
Valrathh = Valrath
Veev = Veex
and SK-US:
Dancer = Pookz
Rookz = Realz
Promiscuous = Enforcer
Note that I refer to players with the name they are known by in the vid.

You can expect this:
The matches run at 50% speed.
Texts showing the major buffs/debuffs.
An explanationary text at the top telling you what's going on.
Some misses since after all there is A LOT going on.
The quality will lack since the footage shown is recorded directly from the stream that was provided.
No proffesional editing of any kind, I have just added the texts.

Note that I refer players with the name they are known by.
I do recommend you download the movie, since it's already lacking in quality (read above). Also the project is a bit of a faliure probably since it's my first movie. Especially with the quality but I still think it fills it's purpose so decided to release it anyway. If it's appreciated I might do it with more games, got a few stocked up but takes a ton of work so we'll see.

If you want to watch the games on stream in higher quality then go to where Blizz has uploaded all the games for you to see. This is without any commentary tho but it's viewed from another angle than what was showed on the live stream.

Songs used:
Pryda vs Deadmau5 - Armed Contact
Luminary - Amsterdam (Original Mix)
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