~4400SP - Arcane Mage PvP Superdad Tier 8.5 by Superdad
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bronzebeard ( Cyclone )
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This is me messing around in WSG getting serker buff with my PvE gear (Tier 8.5) and capturing the hilarity that ensues...

I do have everything keybound, even frostnova is keybound to 4 (and 2 entire bars of keybound icons are hidden). I like to have both click/keybound for certain abilities, as sometimes I'm moving + slowing + counterspelling + aquireing new target with 1 hand, so in that circumstance (like 1 min into the video), I sometimes keypress frost nova, because I find it easier.

This video is to fish for big crits which requires chaincasting AB (i.e. standing still). The entire point of this video is to do that (hence why I'm wearing PvE gear, 15k hp, 0 resilience). This isn't a skill pvp video (who does that in WSG), so that why I'm not fireblasting/arcane barraging as much. These statements are just to help keep the trolls at bay.

The video is to push the envelope on big crits in pve gear, and I hope you enjoy it from that regard!

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