DW Frost 3.2 PTR Sequencing by Erraa
Class: Death Knight | Category: Underground | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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Running Disease Glyph 3/51/17 on PTR a few days ago. Threw this reel together fast to show what Obliterate-based builds are looking like in full swing. Hope you enjoy. Recount DPS is skewed a bit due to FF and BP being spread to the additional dummies and Howling Blast also hitting multiple dummies. I have no IIT for this spec and no additional buffs/debuffs are present and the dummy is at full health. Steady and easily sustained 4500-4900 DPS under the above, noted conditions , along with very little practice on my part with the spec, this includes no cooldown usage I am just trying to keep up with the rotation in a logical fashion.

You can see me reset my rotation once or twice due to screwing up rune cds a few times, and getting used to the management of death/blood runes for additional Obliterates and Pestilence.


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