Kel 1 - Focus Freeze by kelthala
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Theradras ( Raserei )
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Hey all,

after releasing my teaser for my first PvP movie a few month ago here on WCM ( Kel 1 - focus freeze teaser ), I was realy suprised by the great feedback and requests I got back then. Unfortunately, my HD crashed and I had to fraps totaly new stuff for the full movie. Additionaly I had a lot of work to do for university. Just want to warn you a bit about this: not much time + very limited hd space = no flawless clips at all ! Expect mistakes and little brainlaags here and there. What I have done here is like filtering the best scenes out of maybe 30mins total frapstime and put them together in a hopefully entertaining package.

That beeing said, here is the full movie

What to expect:

- entertainment purpose only !
- ud male mage ( 2 speccs mixed up: frost , fire )
- 1onX with some engineering
- Intro, some BG pvp, open world pvp, rated 3on3 Arena ( RMP ~ 2400 ) mixed up
- 1 little arkan fun clip
- underwater fight =)
- no potions
- only oldschool rocketboots

I know everybody says that, but I realy recommend you to download the movie instead of streaming it by annexe. I dont know why, but the sound in the stream is just a bit crispy sometimes, expecially the intro song, which I realy like :) . It's a small file (~ 270 MB) and you need the VLC player to see it.

Songlist ( in order ):

If These Trees Could Talk - Malabar Front
Powerman 5000 - Action
The Prodigy - Omen
Egypt Central - Over and Under
Smashmouth - Allstar
Lostprophets - Everyday Combat
Thomas Newman - Any other time
Hoobastank - Just One
Muse - Hysteria
Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That
Just Dropped In - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
Peter Fox - Schwarz zu blau

Additional info:

- I know the enemys in the arena clips @ the end aren't the best @ all, but it's enough to show a little of our teamplay. I only could fraps these 3 arena games before my HD was just full x /

- As you can see especially in the teaser but also in some clips of the full movie I prefer playing wow with a max distance camera. I try to reduce that for entertainment purpose as you can see in some clips, even if its affecting my gameplay maybe a bit to the worse

- The longer fight scene in the intro is just a showcase of what mage playing is all about: 1on2 situation goes to 1on5 situation -> stay untouched, use your cds fast and wisely to change to battlefield to your advantage and look out for a final burst... well maybe you could say this for any other class ;D It's maybe a bit hard to follow all the details of the scene because of the speed switch in there, but I tried to make the important things visible

Enjoy !

*EDIT Wow, I am really thankful for the great feedback until now. It's great that I could entertain you a little bit =) Please support the movie by clicking the "yellow upward arrow" symbol on the right side of the stream window, of course only if you think it deserves to get a main spotlight :) thx

*EDIT 2* Some people mentioned things like "annoying to zoom in and slowpace irrelevant things" . plz let me clear things up: the slows and zooms you mention can mostly be found in the intro part, and are not there to show some specific skill, but to create some kind of atmosphere in combination with the music

( note: forgot to say thx to following people in the outro:
- Wraithes ( Theradras )
- Sneeze ( Theradras )
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