Danaik 3 Tripple D by Danaik
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Emeriss ( Reckoning )
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Movie Summary
*An additional stream added at Wow-Annexe *

Hello. So this is my third and probably the last movie i make. Sorry about the release delay iv'e just havent had time to finish it earlier than this.

Just some basics;

WARNING: This movie is 32 minutes long, if your not interested in hunter play or world pvp you might find this boring as hell. Normally i would try keep the length down but since its my last i thought it could be abit longer.

It's recorded between level 72-78 and im playing a survival hunter on Emeriss EU. It contains both clips from patch 3.0.9 (S5) and patch 3.1.0 (S6). I think its those patches, if it isnt right feel free to correct me ;)


- 99,9% World pvp!
- Fights vs 1v1 1vX
- Weird stuff
- Alot of jumping, running and eating
- Lame editing
- Abuse of the letter D

This movie is not supposed to be a massive skillshow. Rather a showcase of how fun it is lvl'ing a hunter on a pvp server. I tried to pick out fights that i thought was entertaining to watch rather than me playing fantastic. Also i tried to avoid explosive shot facerolling, but really my dmg is just out of control i cant help it = /

The movie is rendered with the x264 codec and you might need VLC Media Player to viewe it. There will be 2 HQ megaupload download parts rendered with the x264 codec. Its 1.11 GB large but the quality is great! Threre is also a Low Quality (wmv codec) Filefront download on about 500mb for ppl who dont care about quality/having problem with the codec :)

Special thanks to Nolan18 and Nolans Rendering Tutorial for helping me making the HQ version

If your going to stream it i recomend the Megavideo stream. It has slightly better quality than the wcm stream.

Anyways i hope you enjoy it :)

*Addons and Macros*

I've had alot of questions about my actionbar addons. Theese are the ones i use;

Button Facade
Button Facade Caith

My macros are mainly standard hunter macros that can be found at Arena Junkies

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