How to Feral by Starmist by Pajay/Starmist
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Bloodscalp ( Blackout )
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Pajay/Starmist's Arena Team 1
Starmist Thoky
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Pajay/Starmist's Arena Team 2
Starmist Skoda Freelol
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This is not a typical pvp movie:)

At first it was aimed to be an instructional (and my first) video, presenting macros, tips and combos, still it contains too many pvp encounters and silly ideas now to be called a simple "how to" guide.

Part 1 contains many macros, combos and fights/duels to be a (hopefully at least a bit) useful start to all those fellow, beginner ferals out there (and to anybody else who is interested ^^); but

Part 2 turned into something different. I was like "instead of the mainstream feral combat clawing, i should record new/weird/lame/unfair/funny/idiotic ideas during the rest of the movie" (you can choose your picks later:P)

In the vid you will find:
-arena (nothing hardcore:P)
-battleground action, solo and with partner
-duels (feral-feral, rng madness in exotic areas, under sw, uninstanced zg)
-many many macros and tips (sap~like and focus~mouseover macros; pounce-rip wo breaking sap to get a restealth)
-trance music
-engineering and shadowmeld abuse
and other, random funny elements.

Track list:
1. Rank 1 - Symfo
2. Oceanlab - Ashes (Oliver Smith remix)
3. Armin Van Buuren - Unforgivable

Thank you to:
all my friends helping in the making of this movie (Dream, Freelol),
my girlfriend being patient enough with me editing several times into the night,
You, for watching.

Also, i would like to say sorry to all those unlucky guys who were caught up in the making of the movie ;)

|Detailed macro guide of the movie| |DL#2|
|My other short videos|
|Next movie promotion poster|
|HTF2:Sneak Peek|

"Once Feral, always Feral"

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