Hunter Druid 2on2 by Staciilol
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Kargath ( Verderbnis )
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Staciilol's Arena Team 1
Staci Gnubby
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--- Migrated to Ravencrest EU Cyclone ---
New Team:

This is Arena footage taken from 2s at EU-Reckoning battlegroup in the first few Days of Season 7.

Because of a lot of requests how we play this setup, i decided to fraps some clips from the start of S7.
Was about a four days time window, and i wanted to rush it a bit so i didnt had much clips to pick from.

The clips contain opponents at a MMR from 2400-2700.

We played this setup as 24/0/47 Resto / Survival Hunter.

Use NoobFlicks Stream for better Quality

Music Tracklist:

Klaas - The Way
Rev Theory-Far From Over
Papercut Massacre - Left 4 Dead
Missing last Parts



Unfortunately i couldnt figure out how to fix fraps, so i had some hardwareside lags which effected my gameplay abit as you may notice on some slow moves.

So dont be too cruel with some mistakes that may be made, tho it wasnt my best performance anyways and mistakes happen. :P


Edit: Seems that the Stream is buggin somehow in the middle, tryin to fix it asap.

Added NoobFlicks Stream

Even the Download Version seems fucked up from the upload, deleted all the footage from my harddrive, so sorry but this is all i have to share atm. :(
But we Try to fraps more in the next weeks, stay tuned.

-- Thanks for the nice feedback so far! --
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