Mage/mage 2400+ bg9 "William Shatterners" by Tyrel
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ner'zhul ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Tyrel's Arena Team 1
Cadderly Aksel
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Arena Season 6

2v2s. Arena Only. Double Frost Mage. Cadderly and Aksel.

This session was recorded over a period of 3-4 weeks toward the end of s6. Aksela was originally the shadowpriest in our "Shadowpriest Will RIP" vids, but rolled a mage in the middle of s4. So this is us messing around in 2v2s. I wish armory was still up, I don't remember everyone's ratings from the fights at the time recorded. It was mostly 2400-2700 range.

As usual please download the video for best quality! It looks like the stream is stretched a little, the downloaded version should be better!

Hope you enjoy!

Made using Sony Vegas!

1. Blackrock- Priest/rogue – Fuzionn and Reckful
2. Barthilas- Druid/DK – Siyuu and Taintedsoul
3. Tichondrius- Pally/warrior – Esteria and Boom
4. Frostmourne- Priest/mage – Phonelol and Kotl
5. Kil’Jaeden- Druid/warrior – Smarchie and Avast
6. Kil’Jaeden- Pally/warrior – Hoofa and Aubz
7. Blackrock- Warlock/rogue – Bladeangel and Ethere
8. Tichondrius- Priest/rogue – Maxhog and Pilot
9. Blackrock- Priest/mage – Bluelol and Superdan
10. Thaurissan- Mage/rogue – Houndus and Nikkiflosky
11. Thaurissan- Priest/mage – Houndus and Blehtwo

Songs in order of hearppearance:
1. Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim
2. Ghostwriter - RJD2
3. Breathe - Prodigy
4. Spectres in the Fog- The Last Samurai Soundtrack
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