World of Warcraft Pompeii by Flurrith
Class: Warrior | Category: Other | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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First off let me say: Help me host this file! I need more mirrors! :O

Well this pretty much shows off some snippits of my favorite places in the WoW universe, and they're hopefully some of your favorites too. All rounded up with a PVP battle and Azuregos landing. Enjoy!


Note: Upon finishing this video, an inccident occured. I was making a little garb outfit for my character to stroll around IF with. Well I equip some leather shoulderpads, didnt like them, and presumed to destroy them. (Backpack i then close at this point). I then rightclick my gloves (cloth ones I've picked up too). I liked them, so I decided to keep, but when I right clicked them to swap back out my Gauntlets of Valor, it wouldnt work.

I then found myself Guauntlet-less.. The shoulderpads were gone too, and I knowingly had destroyed them. Now heres what I can mustre. Either I accidentally destroyed my gloves (in which case, the Rugged Leather shoulderpads would STILL be there), or some sort of bug occured with connections I dont know how. Either that or destroying an item, and right clicking another item destroys that too, which I feel my heart sinking now as I write this. Please dont let it be so!.

Making this video and singing praises to Blizzard, and then this happens..Karma I guess =\..
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