The Godfather - 3v3 by Thorrism
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bonechewer ( Reckoning )
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Thorrism's Arena Team 1
Yert Thorrism Voodoomoose
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Thorrism Voodoomoose
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The Godfather 3v3 team
World of Warcraft arena video
The Forgotten Coast - Whirlwind

Sony Vegas Pro 9
Here is K Lite codec if the video isn''t working
Don't hate on the Cranky Kong hair.

If you are a Frostmane native you would know the reason why the title is called The Godfather. On Frostmane, Thorrism is known to be the Godfather of World of Warcraft, the rogue class and also a mentor of Thrall. Whenever Thrall needs advise or help, Thorrism is there to assist him in his time of need.

This video is based on Voodoomoose, Yert(Randymage) and Thorrism in their 3v3 journey of a joke of a battle group Whirlwind. And I already know the critics will say these people are bad and for the most part they are. Only very few good teams on that BG and some of the players we play in this video actually have merc/veng/brut glad titles somehow.

This video was suppose to be released about 3 weeks ago but as always, waiting for Voodoomoose to upload his videos. He still hasn't sent me all his videos so I decided to hurry it up and finish the movie. Hopefully you enjoy it. Also a lot of your have messaged me in game asking how me and Voodoomoose do vs. DK healers, Ret healers and hbf rogues. I only put very few 2v2 clips in the video since I was trying to make it for toward 3v3. But I hope your questions get answered in this movie.
PS: We moved back to Reckoning but are now alliance on Bonechewer for those who care and need any questions answered still. I hope you enjoy my video glhf.
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