StormFury 2: The Prophecy by StormFury
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Quel'Thalas ( Conviction )
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StormFury's Arena Team 1
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After my partner quit at s6 i didn't pvp much, in fact i didn't pvp at all. At s7 he came back reviving the pvp beast within my druid. You can find info about me at my 1st movie ( StormFury: The Awakening )so going to skip that.

About the movie

warming up with battlegrounds and some duels followed by some 2v2 and 3v3


with the MMR of 2100-2400 has the purpose of being put there just for fun, ofc you will see us do mistakes we havent played for a huge season.


1st time playing with a priest rogue feral setup, we just started but got to 2200 MMR and the footage has been taken vs 2100-2400 MMR teams...

Proudly presenting StormFury 2: The Prophecy...

More furious, still aggressive...



(battlegrounds duels and 2v2 have been taken before the predatory strikes buff, 3v3 has been taken after)

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