How to make gold from plain letters. 130g in 2 minutes by Wmil
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This is how i make my gold and its very easy. everyone can do it.
If you like the video p�ease rate it high! =)

Edit: Alot of ppl ask me if this is fake and claim me to fake it. I havnt faked it. Ive sold 5 so far in 3 days. You can log on our server if you like and i can try and remember the names of the buyers. The buyer in my movie for example has no association with me other then beeing a fan of mine :)

Its kinda hard to prove its not fake. but its not. you can log in and ask ppl in my guild or maybe in trade and there might be some buyers online who can give you assurance its real.

Also im sure ppl from Quel'Thalas can tell you this spam in happens now and then by many different players. You can read the comments on the youtube video and get a better general idea on whats goin on, on our server :)

here is another example of the crazyness on our server:

Have a nice day regards Wmil

If your swedish feel free to apply at
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