DURRstruction by Relmesh
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Demon Master Relmesh returns to his homeland of Mal'Ganis with a breakout blockbuster in the PvP scene, skill of a caliber never seen before is displayed in a video that can only be described as "a Masterpiece." (New York Times). D.M. Relmesh pulls out all the stops and pulls off the biggest 0wns you've ever or will ever see, cascading death on nerds all over the Stormstrike battlegroup. A god-like figure in the Warlock arts, trained in Shaman-assisted astral dream visions by none other than Drakedog himself and imbued with the souls of over eighty thousand innocents mercilessly crushed by his powerful Fel Magic and vicious demons from the Twisted Nether, Demon Master Relmesh has begun a new era in Warlock play with this "Weepingly beautiful" (Chicago Sun) epic that glimpses into the daily life of this legendary character.

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I made this above all else for fun and laughs. In this video you will see me fighting lots of enemies. At once. Or in succession. Its not fun to 3-shot someone 1 on 1, so I went out and picked big fights. I tried to have as little resources as possible and pull off the stupidest wins possible through my awesome 2-shotting abilities.

I went around critting people for 15, 16, 17, 18-19k on the daily while I recorded this, it fits in with the essence of the stupidity of my spec and I wanted to capture this "skill-less" 1-shot fest in its true form.

Its nicely edited I think, please critique me on this.

Its for ENTERTAINMENT above everything else. I didn't call it DURRstruction for nothing. There are some "hey look at this" moment buts its to accentuate the rarity in which you have to put effort in while playing destro in BGs.

Songs used (in order of appearance):
"It will all make sense in the..." - Halou
"Dopenoze" - Weezer (RobBeatz Remix) (Mixtape Link http://www.mediafire.com/?fyzt2giamhz)
"When Demons Awake" - Rhapsody
"Special Delivery"- The Offspring
"Shortie wanna be a thug" - 2pac
"Laser Cannon Death Sentence" - Dethklok
"Nice Day" - The Salteens
"Ulysses" - Franz Ferdinand
"Have Mercy" - Raekwon
"Tony's Theme(Scarface Soundtrack)" - Giorgio Moroder
"Wind Sprints" - Cool Calm Pete
"I'll Make a Man out of You(Sung by Arcan the Destroyer of Mal'Ganis)" - Mulan Soundtrack

Special thanks to Maydie too, re-watching your video inspired me to make this, I forgot in the credits. :(

As ALWAYS, props to WCM for hosting me and props to everyone who watches this. Thank you for your ratings, your comments, your criticism and your time. I really hope you enjoy it and have a laugh or two.
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