I Am A Druid - I Can Transform Ya Parody. by Durid
Class: Druid | Category: Other | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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I'd like to thank everyone who helped out in the making of this video, Magetroll and Gardenparty of the two who definitely made this possible, but my fellow druids and paladins I would also like to thank for taking the time to shoot this.

HQ Download: http://www.filefront.com/14962789/Durid%20-%20I%20Am%20A%20Druid.mp3


You(verse #1)
Said hey little druid
i heard you can transform
no i can't tank, but i heard that you have bear form
tree with the heals, swim like a seal
i got so much spirit i don't need a fish meal.
i can change me, have a new view
make you want to transform into a druid too
polymorph me, i have immunity
Entangling roots because I able to CC.

Need some deeps, i can chicken up
melee, i can kitty up
riding on your mount
but i switch and i can fly around
mana low, innervate up
hots, we can keep you up
tier 9, tier 10, no matter we own it up.

What you need, I can change that
My bear form, easily tank that
I can switch to cat form, dps that
I am a druid, I am a druid

I am a druid, I am a druid
Anything ya want, I can I can switch to it
Need a dps
i can i can pew pew it
i am a, i am a, i am a druid

Cat - i got it (got it)
Bear - i got it (got it)
Tree - i got it (got it)
Boom - i got it (got it)
I am a druid, i am a druid
anything ya want, i can i can switch to it.

(Verse #2)
see me in the tier ocho, number one in healin tho
outheal everything, even in the lich king's throne
Wanna fly, we can go, anywhere you wanna go,
flyin' around dalaran, cheetah form when i hit land.

something bout a druid though
makes you want to go reroll
better than a paladin
innervate is for the win
play me guarantee it'll be worth leveling again
i can have you seal surfin'


(Verse #3)
I'm quick at transforming, like a transformer
druids are quicker, Optimus is slower.
i do more damage, i can run fast,
why wouldn't you pick me to whoop a boss' ass?
I heal the whole raid, I hot like a freak,
ask your girl, she's been hotted all week,
she loves how i heal, nourish, rejuv
she says i'm really wild, and my growth is real smooth.
i can go moonkin, the innervate king
i'm all outta mana, time for innervating
i also take damage, when i am a bear,
i can aoe, single target, don't care
attack like a cat, i am better than a rogue
i can switch, heal myself, and continue to pwn
i can switch around, at the cost of low mana,
you are a nooby and i am bruce banner

(Chorus out)
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