A Raid Evening in Icecrown Citadel(With Alcohol And Nerdrage) by Algrim
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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This video is for entertaining intentions only and I hope you'll like it. Enjoy and feel free to comment or subscribe as more videos are coming up!

We'll be following five different random guilds through their boss encounters in the new raid instance "Icecrown Citadel" and the new dungeon "Halls of Reflection" that came out on live servers with patch 3.3. The ventrilo conversations are all from drunk and high players to high-tempered nerdrage-type players, enjoy.


Guild one: a guild are being disturbed by a drunk guy who just wont stop singing and playing the song "We are the Champions" on ventrilo. And that eventually leads to a wipe.

Guild two: a guild wipes because of "Saishens" noobish performance. As they argue over it, Saishen rages over how a guy laughs at him on ventrilo.

Guild three: a guild fights the boss Sindragosa in ICC who they successfully downs. Even with an intense conversation between Guvena and the very drunk Neckraph. They are arguing over everything from patriotism to homosexuality and pwnage.

Guild four: a guild that encourage their drunk guildmate to piss his pants, he eventually succeeds by doing it in his empty beer bottle.

Guild five: a guild that have gone through a long run in the dungeon Halls of Reflection in hopes to finally fight the Lich King himself. But as they reach the final moment, the cave collapse over the Lich King and their leader rage as he realizes that he wont be fighting him. For his own comfort, he blames and yells at his friend for winning(or ninjaing)his item that he only came for besides fighting the Lich King.

This video is obviously not real which means that all ventrilo conversations have been manipulated by me.
All original footage/sound files can be found all over youtube.

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