Rogue Status 3 by Imeld
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Akama ( Vengeance )
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Encoded with MeGui(New Development Build,with x64 detection)
Oh and took 30-40 mins to render so I highly suggest Megui for all encoding related purposes, and works amazing with blue-ray videos.
Dl if you want quality.

LF pro mage for s8 3v3, started real late in season7 so glad isn't a priority but if an opportunity presents itself then my priest and I will obviously put in the time. Clips were recorded without using vent to showcase our synergy, and some of our unique strats.

Keep in mind I'm posting this to find a mage for 3s, overall I'm a humble pvper who arena's for fun so please don't take it the wrong way.

Mage has to be vocal, has to know how to adjust outside of the initial cc chain especially against hunters, prot warriors, and dks, has to have a good attitude, and if you constantly self reflect after a loss b4 looking at others then I'll personally pay for your xfer because that's the #1 attitude I'm looking for when it comes to my partners. For more details pm me here on Wcms

For anyone else just viewing for kicks positive feedback is much appreciated, and any questions about tracks please post feedback first followed by playback time.

I get money - 50 Cent
Obscure Rays(Alex Ozen Mix) - Existone
Theme from Norefjell(Dj Jan& CHristophe Chantzis Mix) - Tiesto
TO the horizon and back ( Ron van den Beuken Remix) - Daniel Wanrooy
Two ( That Mix) - Boiler & Van Riel
Two Way Street - Smartminds

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