Exploration After 1.9 by Malu05
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Haomarush ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
This movie was the first officially exploration movie to be made with wow 1.9+ content. The reason for this movie to be made was to blow a hole in the growing romour about how the nerf of wallwalking was = the nerf of exploration.

The original version of the movie was 12 minutes longer and had some more highend exploration like the path to two Ahn'Quari instances.

The reason why i pulled it off afther the announcement was that the exploration guild didnt want most of the content/secrets to be shared.
The faq text was also removed from the final version.

But we are all basicly sattesfied with the output and we are shure that if you want to keep exploring the world of warcraft you should give this movie a try.
We are tho planning to release some more of the original content in a version2 movie.
And im really looking forward to show you some of the awsome stuff we have found out!

-- warcraftmovies.com extra--

Shot after the release of the final movie i recived alot of questions about the content of the movie.
So to keep you head clear of thoes i would like to answer some of thoes.


Q When was the film made?

A -rec started 2 days after 1.9 release.

Q ...is it really possible?

A -Yes, the version 1 movie´s tricks are verry simple, BUT some of the content requires mage skills. mostly Blink, Featherfall (can use potions too!) and Iceblock.

Most people used their snowman abillity to take the fall damage but this was nerfed in patch 1.91-2.
Mage is considered to be the best and soon only exploration class.

Q Where is that place where you sit down at the campfire?

A if you as alliance fly from Ironforge to Stormwind, you will pass some dwarfs and a dragon fighting just after BurrningSteppes after that a great waterfall with a house and some tents
its there...

Q Why dont you use more music like other wow movies?

A ...This is NOT another wow movie!

Q ... Why was the Underneath-Stormwind content removed, and replaceed with some dancing Elves?

A -the 40sec was pulled out of the movie because of a showing of a exploid that might be considered as being fatal for the non-bg pvp.

Q ...What was the last place you came to?

A -It is Mount Hyjal.

Q ..what about Ahn'quari i have tried to come there many times but the mountains are just too high!

A -Basicly the mountains inside Sitilus are considered as 99% exploration secure.

This require 2 persons (priest and mage)

Go to the water west of feralas, folow the coast line along the hillside....

suddently you will be able to walk on the water (the water with white noice).

folow it untill you meet the solid white water.. you will then be able to.

You will now be able to climp the hill and rech ˝ way up... use fear on the other mage, and he will be able to reach the climpable terrain now you can walk in behind the Ahn´Quari walls...then blink through the wall.. and wolla... 2 instances to enter.
(this will be shown in the next movie)

Q Heard that Caverns of Time has been blocked after the recent patches..

A -not a question, but the fact is... NO... its still accesible... also shown in the next movie.

Q when will the last part be released?

A When my clan [League Of Explores] give it a "go"

Enjoy the Movie

And offcause pls post critics!.
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