WoW Machinima Tool: Depth of Field by Malu05
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If you want to see what WoW looks like with depth of field, this is the video for you to watch. And do yourself a favor and watch it in 720p.

About this movie:

The WoW engine is fairly old but the Cataclysm expansion showed that with some plastic surgery (in form of new water shaders and sun shafts) things can look surprisingly fresh and exiting once again.

One thing that is still missing from wow that is in basically any game now a days is motion-blur and Depth of Field (DOF for short).

Machinma Artist can easily add the motion blur in post however Depth of Field is much harder, some shots can be fixed with a "gradient" or "ramp" blur but with alot of objects in the scene this doesnt allways work. So to create DOF blur you would have to roto every single element in the scene.

I have known how to "fake" "real" DOF blur for quite a while but i have never really found a way to fully implant it into WoW Machinima Tool for public use. (
But now i have finally found a way to make it work with the tool, and that is what im going to show off in this video.

From a artistic view this allow to drive the audiences attention to a particular part of the frame of a movie.
But i wouldnt be surprised to see Depth of Field become a part of the next expansion pack.

WoW Machinima Tool have come along way since its initial release, and now its finally "final" and "complete". I have no intention to add new features and the development and maintenance from this point on will most likely be handed over to someone else.

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