Bilian 4: Furious/Relentless Glad Disc Priest by bIlliAn
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
*Please +Skill, +Support if you feel its deserved*

Features (In Order):
3v3 - Priest/Mage/Rogue
5v5 - Priest/Mage/Rogue/Lock/Shaman
2v2 - Priest/Mage

Song List (In Order)
Envio - For You
Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again
Cerf & Mitiska. feat Jaren - You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix)
Orjan nilsen feat. tarah - Be as one (anjunaboy vocal re-work mix)
Jonas Steur feat. Julie Tomphson-Cold Winds (Original Mix)

Thanks to:
My teammates: Abni, Rexsteele, Draen, Azwraithz, Fadezzlol as well as Jason & Dan.
Websites: Skill-capped, ArenaJunkies, WarcraftMovies

Fourth video in my series. I included every single comp I play. The majority, as usual, is RMP where I cherry picked entertaining and flawless games with perfect swaps. Games where Abni was trying out frost which he wanted included as well. The games which have vent have errors made, this is just to show off our communication and what it takes. 5v5 clips are very entertaining and I hope you enjoy watching a priest setup kills. The 2v2 clips were mediocre at best, but I know that there are a lot of priests out there that have issues surviving rogues so I put in a Shaman/Rogue and Priest/Rogue (Both recorded in S8) which will hopefully help those players out.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me (Preferably on ArenaJunkies for the fastest reply).

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