Boom De Yada WoW by Irdeen
Class: Unknown | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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This is our submission for the Alienware rise to power movie contest 2010.

Because World of Warcraft is such a loved game across our own world, we have provided subtitle links for the French, Spanish, and German players out there in an effort to allow players of different nationalities to enjoy our production.

English Subtitles (Original):

French Subtitles:

Spanish Subtitles:

German Subtitles:

Irdeen Productions presents "Boomdeyada", an original production inspired by the "I Love the Whole World" song. With World of Warcraft's meteoric rise to become the most influential MMO in history, it is only fitting that we showcase some of Azeroth's most powerful beings, from the small Gorlocks to the massive Firelord himself, Ragnaros.

NOTE - The Rise to Power contest version of our production did not include certain 3D elements due to contest rules. The public release version of BoomDeYada, however, does include the 3D effects we wanted to use from the begining.

Visit my website: :)

Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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