Where in the Nether is Bharog: A Tribute to the Old World by Bharog Ironfist
Class: Warrior | Category: Other | Server : EU - Steamwheedle Cartel ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
Done with the help of real players of the Steamwheedle Cartel server of World of Warcraft. Idea came to me on a Molten Core raid, which is seen in the video. Places include Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Moonglade, and Undercity. Please enjoy.

Yes it is supposed to be copied off of "Where the Hell is Matt", so don't troll about that.

I would also like to thank Fraps, for the camera software, Blizzard, for the amazing game (which you just lost), and Garry Schyman for his song, Praan, which is in the background.

If you would like your name to be listed here for taking part, please send me private message, either via YouTube, or through Bharog in-game.

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