Rel. Glad. Monoq & Cer: Horrorkore by Cer
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eredar ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Playing together in S7 we decided to make a double-Shaman PoV arena-movie from our 3v3 and his 5v5.

The movie shows:

5v5 (2700+ MMR / Rank 1) WL/Ele/Warr/Pala/Disc
PoV: Monoq
Elemental Shaman
Recorded in S8

3v3 (2200-2500 MMR) RLS/MLS
PoV: Cer (Monoq playing as Rogue)
Restoration Shaman
Recorded from early S7- late S7

Regarding my (Cer - Resto Shaman) PoV:
I was totally new to healing classes at all, the Shaman being a twink I leveled around August last year. I adapted a playstyle that probably fits more to disc priests. I always go for fast games, blowing away my mana into offensive spells whenever possible.
So I might not be a perfect example for other Restoration Shamans even if it worked most of the time^^
Also doing mistakes/having brainlags from time to time.

Regarding Monoq's PoV:
He plays his Elemental-spec almost perfectly but for some reason his fraps-recordings consisted of a few bugs/"lags". I had to cut them out. So sometimes you will see ~5sec missing.

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