Theatrical - Winner! - Bloodline Champions Teaser by Cer
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The idea of my submission is to merge the elements of a classic Theatre Play and a PC-game.

More detailed description

The ingame part:
Every ingame scene is from the same match (except for one), frapsed as observer.
The editing I did here was some color correction and basic Pan/Cop techniques in Sony Vegas.

The animated Theatre Play:
I took a lot of artwork pictures from, changed some of them a little via Photoshop and imported them into a pretty unknown 3D Modelling Software (not 3ds Max). To "carry" the artworks from the characters I need to introduce the "Black Men Group" (no racism here - They are just in the same color as the background to make them less visible).
I added the corresponding character-artworks (as well as self-made spell artworks etc.) to these men.
Finally, I placed and animated them the same way they behaved in the frapsed match.

pm @wcm
email: [email protected]
wow-ingame: -
blc-ingame: recsiem

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