Nenzo and Xarioo 2 - Mage and Rogue PvP by Nenzo
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Kilrogg ( Misery )
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Movie Summary

-This movie is for entertainment purposes thus also heavily edited-

A "Continuation" of "The NX Project" from arena season 3-4.

PvP movie from two point of views, Nenzo (Rogue), Xarioo (Mage),
mostly BG but a few World PvP clips, for obvious reasons.

This one is edited by Nenzo for I haven't edited a WoW movie in
a long while and wanted to try stuff I've learned since then.

Xarioo uses various specs and covers specializations in all trees.
I was simply too lazy to try and get cool shadowdance
clips or whatever you guys want to see, also i came back to WoW from 9 month break not so long ago so in some of the early footage i play very strange.

Intro, (This was made a long time before the rest of the video,
basically just clips i thought looked cool)
Xarioo part1, (Just frost here, includes a 1v2 duel)
Nenzo part1
Xarioo part2 (Various specs)
Nenzo part2
Outro+Credits, (I wouldn't say it's machinima but something like that.)

Oceana - Dead speaker
It Dies Today - A port in any storm
Katatonia - Forsaker
In fear and faith - Taste of regret
Oceana - In Birth
X-ray Dog - Shattered


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