Sartharion 3d - Hard Mode by Kimmoz
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Scarshield Legion ( Ruin )
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Pugged the Sartharion encounter since it was the weekly quest, and heck went for the Hardmode. As you can see in Skada to the right the DPS was rather high, which made this encounter pitifully easy.

And yes I know I blew the Bloodlust WAYYYY to late, but I was tired and wasnt doing my best. It should have been used from the Start. (Somehow in my miniscule mind I had the idea like with alot of other bossfights, it should be used at 30% but when Sartharion dies it still has 25sec left on BL :S )

Mount went to Mearvus I believe, Out holy paladin.
POV: Alcyone | Enhancement Shaman @ Scarshield Legion EU
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