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Hey, this is my final video(hopefully), i didn't get to finish it and it says "Xarioo 4" in the movie - this is as far as i got!

I'd like to thank everyone I've played with, it has been worth while, but seems like blizzard keeps ruining this game, and making it boring so I completely lost interest.

It is only about 6 minutes long, it is _VERY_ HEAVILY EDITED (atleast part2:D)
and I hope you enjoy it.

stuff that may enhance your experience:
ribbed condoms

Part1: My usual style of editing
Part2: ALOT of editing, mainly featuring a clip 1vs6 in wintergrasp

Now that you got some tips on how to enhance the viewer experience, go ahead and watch it already!

The songs are:

The Kovenant - Acid Theater
Visage - Fade to Grey [Noisia Remix]

Special thanks to: Nenzo, pambu, xtay, dilir, velina, skele, gother, ajaxx, dreiko, druidkat, eleora!

I probably forgot a bunch, thanks for the good times!

** My armory :

** Filefront download mirror coming
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