WoW Alpha Exploration - The Movie (Catalyzt) by Catalyzt
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Movie Summary
A journey through time to a WoW once forgotten.
From before most people had even had a chance to play it.
Many areas, things and places were very different and this video aims to show you some of these.

All footage within is from a client released December 11'th in 2003, which is just before the official BETA of the original WoW was launched.

You'd be surprised how much was finished, but many things and intentions seemed to be very different from how they turned out in the end.

Places explored (random order):

Winterspring - Unfinished
Ironforge - completely different layout
Caer Darrow (scholomance) - Wierd
AQ entrance - As if not an instance
Stratholme - Interesting end.
Gillijim's Isle - Forgotten and vanished Island
Island of Dr. Lapidis - Also gone
Karazhan - Very different design.
Gadgetzhan - Smaller, BB buildings
Darnasus - How do you get off? :)
Zul'Gurub - Unfinished
Old dark portal - Portal different
Ogrimmar - Strange pathways.
Mt. Hyjal - Beginning different

I tried to make the places shown in the video get progressively more interesting, but I am not quite sure if I succeeded in this. So hang on if you think it might be a bit slow in the beginning

This Movie is a relaxed tour through a WoW that once was.
So sit back, enjoy the ride and thank you for watching!

I recognize that Kischa also made a video (WoW at its finest) from an Alpha server, and I think that he also did a very good job.
However, none of us were the first with material from this alpha client. Infact, there's loads! Some from many years ago! (try searching on youtube)
Mine was in the works for over a month, and I must have missed Kischa's entirely.
So, please - rate the movie, not the speed of its release.

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