Explorers Guide To The Galaxy 1.9+ by Malu05
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Haomarush ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
The Ultimate Guide For Exploration After Patch 1.9

So you wanna know how to get to places like:

-"NPL" (silvermoon / Blackend Woods)

-Western Tristfall Glades

-Underneath Stratholm

-Underneath Scarlet Monestary

-Graymane Wall and Gilneas

-All Placeholders in the game

-Ironforge Airport

-Underneath Stormwind

-Elwyn Falls

-Deadmines Extras

-Dancing Troll Village

-Mount Hyjal

-Caverns Of Time


Note that this move was called of and cansled after one week of production because of a codec problem, but after a big response and requests for its release, did i make the disition to repair as many of the shots i could and fastly finish it.

So some of the clips in the movie are still damaged and apologizes for the quality, but the essence of the movie is still there, and offcause the meaning of it.

Tho some of the clips was simply impossible to restore so what i didnt show in the movie was:

-Old ZG

-Blackwing Lair Extras


-Shadow Fang Keep bug (jump to the boss)

-Great sea Unused 1 and 2

-Underneath Orgrimmar

reason for telling this is that the movie will be remade in a near future and include this tricks, so if you want mroe, jsut w8.

Also note that i dont show the intire road to the exact place in all cases, but be creative!
Somre of the tricks are made with Mage Abbilities but trust my word when i say that its possible with any class, the mage way is just the most easy,(and cool) way.

And there are offcause tones of mroe stuff to explore, but ill leave that to you, i didnt want to make a 3 hour movie... jsut show the princips, then you can devlop new methods!


Dont comment the codec problem cause i have allready said it!
And i have know all these tricks since 1.6 but they havent been relavant before 1.9 so dont even dare sayin that its a old trick (cause it is)

And yes, its all doned in 1.9 WITHOUT modifying the client files, hacks or stuff like that.


Wanna take part in the exploration comunity?

#nogg-aholic @ Quakenet

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