WoW at its Finest: Boring Exploring by Kischa
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Emerald Dream ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
Oho there.

This movie is kind of a completition of my previous ones (3.3.3 and Wow at its finest).

Content is following;

1.12.1 patch
Vanilla Alpha

This might be my last video before Cataclysm. Everything *looks* cool in cataclysm (BUT THEY ARE REDESIGNING STORMWIND CITY TREE!), but the PvP and PvE content sounds extremely *lame* and *bad*, so I might quit when Cataclsym releases.

Pendulum - The Tempest
(Eledainn - The Lament of Captain Placeholder)
Pendulum - Crush
Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)

I'd like to thank my guild and my Guild Master for their help with this movie!
Also, make sure to watch Dopefish's videos, they're pure awesome!

Either way, I hope you'll enjoy watching the movie!

October 2010-10-20

Category of Violation: Extreme Exploitation

Permanent Ban.
October 2010-10-22


Following a review of your case, I can confirm that the evidence presented was correct, and that the subsequent action taken was appropriate. Our decision in this matter stands, and will not be overturned.

We now consider this matter closed, and would not look to enter into further communication on the matter.
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