Rogue Solos Grobbulus (25) - JIDERSTEP 2 by Jider
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Jider vs Grobbulus (25man). This is the second and final video of the series titled �Jiderstep�.

Right away you will notice similarities to my strategy for killing Patchwerk. The initial pull spot is at his the end of his patrol path to maximize the time I have for evade-mode intercepts after a Vanish. To eliminate physical damage from the encounter I only engage in melee range when Evasion is up and use Dig Rats and Shadowstep to kite while waiting for the cooldown. Dig Rat placement is critical as I need both locations to ensure the proper kiting path.

In addition to physical damage, Grobbulus has a few abilities that I had to account for, most notably Slime Spray ( Not only does this ability do significant damage in a frontal cone, if it hits a player it will spawn a Fallout Slime which would guarantee a wipe. The Slimes are extremely dangerous due to their ability to inflict damage and the difficulties of kiting multiple mobs that move at different speeds. The method I use to counter this relies on the fact that Grobbulus will never cast Slime Spray for at least 23 seconds after the pull or a Vanish. So, in addition to only engaging with Evasion I also only engage immediately after a Vanish which will let me attack for the full duration without having to worry about Slime Spray.

With the strategy set, the rest of the fight again becomes an exercise in repetition with one very important detail. The kiting path for Grobbulus is very limited due to his leash point at the front of the room and keeping him at greater than 45 yards to stay out of range of Slime Spray. Through trial and error I was able to determine the correct timings to keep him bouncing back and forth inside his room for the duration of the fight (2 hours 45 minutes).

Additional notes:
When Grobbulus paths to the balcony he throws three slimes into the room before Patchwerk. I deal with these by repeatedly using Distract and body distracting him after he throws a new set down. This slows down his patrol and after ~5 minutes the slimes will despawn and I engage before he can throw another set.
Mutating Injection is never cast during the fight.
If you look closely, I take advantage of a graphical bug with the Dig Rats. If I position myself to near falling off the ledge, when I place the Dig Rat the model will appear to fall to the ground but the server still recognizes it as being on the ledge. This serves as a convenient way to mark my attack and shadowstep positioning.
Using Shadowmeld in conjunction with Vanish greatly reduces the time it takes to get out of combat and reset potion timers. Utilizing this enables me to use Potions of Speed frequently even though Grobbulus spends very little time in evade-mode compared to Patchwerk.

Buffs used: Drums of Forgotten Kings, Drums of the Wild, Runescroll of Fortitude, Scroll of Agility VIII, Flask of Endless Rage, Blackened Dragonfin. My gear used can be viewed at the armory Talent spec was 0/18/53

Song = Sunlounger Feat Zara Taylor-Found Original Mix

Also check out my other video ROGUE SOLOS PATCHWERK

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