Cataclysm - Westfall: Old Blanchy Questline by Evilsithgirl
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Movie Summary
This is a video of most of the quests in the new Old Blanchy Questline in the Cataclysm Beta. Aka CSI azeroth.

Since I'm a huge CSI Miami fan i just had to make a video of Horatio Laine. Was so excited to finally have the NDA lifted from alpha and the quest line unbugged to share it with the world.

Some Notes: You will see a level 80 holy pally and a level 81 shadow priest. This is because these some clips were filmed at different times as the quests bugged and unbugged.
This is beta. I make no promises or guarantees that these quests will play the same way when the game launches or even in the next patch. Any character that had sound attached to the speech i've included. The others are not voiced as of 7/03/2010.

Visit my Cataclysm Beta Site For screenshots, blogs, and more videos.

Music: The Who - We Won't Get Fooled Again (CSI Miami theme).
-World of Warcraft Ingame Music: Forest Day 01-03 | Forest Night 01 - 03
-World of Warcraft Soundtrack: Legacy, Echoes of the Past, The Shaping of the World, Seasons of War, A Call to Arms

Recording Stats:
1920x1080 in 1080p at 60 FPS
8gb ram
Intel i7 870 quad core
NVIDIA GT 285 with 2gb dedicated memory
-All ingame settings set to maximum including the new water and sunshafts
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