Veev - Shadowmourne Montage by Veev
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Executus ( Stormstrike )
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Veev's Arena Team 1
Zilea Veev
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Veev's Arena Team 2
Zilea Veev Valrath
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First of all a quick disclaimer... this video is not meant to showcase some amazing amount of skill with breathtaking clutch moves, in fact quite the opposite. This video is to show the (retarded) power and potential of Shadowmourne when in the hands of the right player. If you're looking for footage of amazing warrior spell reflects, intervenes, etc., then look elsewhere, because when you have a weapon like Shadowmourne the most effective strategy usually is to just spam (unhealable) damage into someone until they die. It's the WotLK way!

Most of the footage is 2v2 (yes, I know you'd much rather see 3v3). Unfortunately we didn't really get any decent teams in 3v3 while I was recording for this video, other than the few fights that were included. This was only about a week's worth of recording and I included just about every decently high team that we played, didn't really have time to cherry pick only the best clips. I wasn't able to record videos until just recently (after the arena tournament realm ended, sadly), and I've spent the last week and a half being plagued with Sony Vegas crashes and other random problems when trying to put this thing together. It's by no means a masterpiece, but I hope you enjoy it.

Track listing (in order):
1. Buckethead - Binge And Grab
2. Ra - Rectifier
3. Hurt - Forever
4. Anberlin - Feel Good Drag
5. Rise Against - Savior
6. Queens Of The Stone Age - Millionaire

Runtime: 23 minutes (21 different fights)

Addons used (mostly a stock UI to not interfere too much with playing at LANs):
* OmniCC - Cooldown numbers on action bar spells.
* ForteXorcist - The cooldown bar in the top left (only shown in some clips). I only use it to track internal cooldown procs for PvE, I don't even look at it for PvP, which is why sometimes I remember to disable it and sometimes I forget.
* Chatter - Chat mod.
* FluidFrames - Allows you to move the default Blizzard unit frames (like I have done for the player and target frames).
* SpellNotifications - Addon that shows when my spells miss, when I interrupt/reflect, and cleans up the default scrolling combat text. This is an addon that I have written for myself and I am hesitant to post it here since I know people will ask for support for it, so let me be perfectly clear in stating I will NOT provide any support or updates for this addon. If you want to change or implement something then open up the .lua file in Notepad++ and look around for yourself, it's not too complicated and can be a decent starting place to learn how to make addons.


My armory:

"What happened to your 3s team?!" Yes, we tanked a few hundred points. We were experimenting with a hunter a bit to get practice for LANs, we planned on tanking before trying it out but we don't mind since LAN practice is infinitely more important than live ladders. We'll probably crawl our way back up to rank 1 eventually, but we're not too concerned if we don't.

I will probably read most of the feedback and replies here but I will more than likely not respond to anything (including PMs). If you wish to contact me the best way is to PM me on AJ, but please only do so if it's important and something no one else could answer. If you have a question then please keep it short and specific and I will probably respond. "im learning TSG, what do u guys do differently???" is the kind of question that will probably not get a response. :P

Thanks for watching!
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