Noxeeql II - 2v2 Lock Rogue 'n stuff by Noxeeql
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Azshara ( Glutsturm )
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Movie Summary
Hello folks,

I'm back with my second movie!
It's pretty short because I fac.-changed and my partner didn't move with me.

Again, this movie is purely about entertainment,if you're looking or a skill-movie - don't watch.
As always, constructive critisism ist appreciated.
In my oppinion Lock+Rogue is an extremly underused setup, as it's hard to master and it's fun to watch.
You'll see mistakes here, we even played one or two of the games without voice, so there are overlaps/missunderstandings.

Link to my first Movie:
my armory:

Again if there are any questions, feel free to pm me ingame (alliance now).

Recorded on : Aszhara - EU

what not to expect:
-skill / perfect gameplay
-good editing

what to expect:
SDance Destro
2v2 L/R with Sliccer at 2400-2500mmr
opponents from 2200-2500mmr
random stuff/humor (not as much as in my first movie)
one duel with Xayne
some overused songs

Powerman 5000 - Supervillain
Rammstein - Ich tu dir weh
Pain - I'm going in
Rammstein - Asche zu Asche
Dr Feel Good - See you later alligator
Powerman 5000 - Bombshell
Waterproof Blonde - Just close your eyes
Jennifer Lopez - Let's get loud

No offense, but I can't imagine Lock Rogue gameplay to techno- or HipHop-style music, sorry.

Omni CC
Lock Notes
Xperl Party frames
Trinket Menu

Enjoy, thanks for watching and keep QL.
Also thanks to all my supporters, love you guys.

Noxeeql out.
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