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*edit 14th Sept 10*
Hi there,
Let me just introduce myself, I am Slavļæ½k, the person who actually made this little movie, and unfortunately I have some bad news.

Sorry to all who were looking forward to this movie, but this trailer was a personal project testing out some of adobes products, premier pro, after effects ect ect, and was never supposed to be released as such. A few days ago I lent my friend an external hard drive with some files on, including this movie and a rough script I had put together, he asked if he could upload it to show some friends which I agreed to, but I never thought he was going to upload it to WCM, let alone be a featured movie.

The actual purpose of this movie was taking multiple source inputs, and rendering them out in 1080p quality with only one pass, sources include Star Trek Nemesis trailer, totp, legends are curse, the ballad of arthas menthadil, the echos of lorederon and some others. Most of these were not 1080p videos and most were of differing resolutions (even the text effects were rendered in differing resolutions)

Having said that, if some of the other authors mentioned here would like to start such a project, then I may be up for completing the script and possibly arranging something.

So once again, sorry to all who thought this was an up and coming project, but for the moment it was just an experiment.



This video is not created by me! It was made by my friend for a huge project he has done in secret for months.

The plot follows on several months from the death of Arthas in a world where Bolvar was never made the new Lich King.

The council of the alliance took Frostmourne and the Lich Kings Armor to be held securely away forever more, however without a master the Undead did indeed start swarming azeroth. A decision is made to re-forge Frostmourne and use its power to crush the scourge once and for all.

However, the influence of Frostmourne can sway even the most devout members of the Light. This movie follows an elite group sent to re-forge Frostmourne, their trials and temptations the blade offers them.

Largest Machinima ever produced
Over 3 Hours Long
Thousands of players involved
Full 1080p rendering
Optional Subtitles
Proffessional hired voice acting
Assistance from Blizzard's cinematography team
And much more...
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