Hunter Solos Heroic Gundrak by Blorktronics
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Grim Batol ( Misery )
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[EDIT]This video was made during WOTLK, in patch 3.3.5

Hello there! This my second movie, in what will hopefully be a series, of my hunter soloing level 80 heroic dungeons. This time I'm in Gundrak, home of the ferocious ice trolls!

To explain my odd gear; I'm using two pieces of level 70 Tier 5 (shoulders and gloves). The 2 piece set bonus heals my pet for 15% of the damage I deal, which is indispensable in a place where my turtle ranks just above a pile of jelly with a self confidence problem in a list of things you would want to use as a tank.

I'm also using wrathful gladiator's leggings and chestpiece; the resilience transfers to my pet and makes it uncrittable. Finally I have a corroded skeleton key equipped because the damage shield is indispensable. The rest of my gear is the best pve stuff I have.

The first song is 'Number of the Beast' by Iron Maiden. The second is 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns N' Roses.

Any questions or comments are most appreciated!

Other commentary I couldn't fit into the video:

I killed Eck after Gal'darah, but showed the Eck kill first for aesthetic reasons. If you want to see how long this endeavour took, check the clock time when I killed Moorabi with the time at the Eck kill :O.
"Maybe if I feign death through Quake I can, damn"
"Waaaah aggro! rgjoqubnoawgif. DAMN MUNCH LEARN TO PLAY"
nature protection potions saved my life on the Colossus fight.
Slad'ran leashes if you try to pull him from too far away.
Five seconds after I stopped recording the Gal'darah kill, a mob respawned and killed me!
The instance reset before I could get to Eck; I had to kill Moorabi a second time just to get to Eck's chamber -.-
I never knew Eck had an enrage timer until his big slobbery face hit Munch for 30k.

Thanks for watching,
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