Through almost any wall without mammoth! by Zafer
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First things first, I had similar exploit like this on my last video which I actually made AFTER this one, but this exploit wasnt fully explained and showd what you can actually do with it overall.

I posted this to youtube weeks ago but since its full of crap and people cant be arsed to find anything interresting there, I posted it here.

Couldnt explain all this in title so here it is:
You probably have already done or atleast heard of this mammoth exploit which helps you get thru many walls? Well sometimes mammoth simply isnt big enough to get through something.

With this method, your size will raise max to ONYXIA size when you mount up your mammoth and it also works inside where you cannot mount up as i show you on this video.

I probably didnt explain everything carefully so ask here if something bothers you.

If you don't know how to get these brews I use to grow up, check out my video ''PvP exploiting part 2'' to find out.

NOTE: Please check out my other videos, this is only a minor exploit compared to those two other videos.
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