Gambrinus PvP Team is recruiting for Cataclysm by Sizune
Class: Multiple | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : EU - Burning Blade ( Blackout )
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Hello, we are CZ/SK guild only so from now on i will speak in czech.
Hope you enjoyed the video tho. :) I would appreciate if you rate the video and leave comment, cheers.

Jsme aliancni guilda ze serveru Burning Blade EU, ktera se jiz podle nazvu zameruje na pvp :P

Takze, pokud mas naky zkusenosti(cca 2k rating nekdy v cata arena sesonach) a chces dale hrat pvp v cataclysmu tak si muzes hodit prihlasku na

jinak vic info o pozadavkach na prijmuti najdes na strankach :)

Hodlame rozjet rated bgcka a world pvp celkove v cataclysmu !

Programs used:
World of Warcraft
Sony Vegas 9 Pro
WoW Machinima Tool - makes you able to unlock your camera but makes your character completely vulnerable to everything since you cant control him that time

WoW Machinima Tool

Song used:
Hans Zimmer - Inception Soundtrack - Track 3 - Dream is Collapsing

Gambrinus PvP Team
Alliance guild on Burning Blade EU
made by Sizune aka Feral Druid
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