Ludus Guild Promo by Integraral
Class: Druid | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Simple promotional video I did for my guild to possibly help with recruitment for Cata..

Two Steps from Hell - Red Carpets ( No choir )

Programs Used:
Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Premiere CS3

First video on WCM.. I have made some rather 'crappy' videos in the past that were up on youtube.. I am trying to improve on that and produce 'better' movies for Cata.

I am still learning in After Effects and watched numerous tutorials on as well as other sites.. I did NOT 'copy/paste' any of the projects, I merely watched, followed along, and changed what I saw fit..

I realize that there are similarities between this video and some of the tutorials, however, I did try and change up what I could.. This was my 'first' real AE project, and I am pretty content with how it turned out..

Any new videos will be more 'original' as I used this as a basis for learning.I am, of course, open to suggestions and 'constructive' criticism.. Thanks for watching !!
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