Amazing Hunter Pet Bug (Exploit) 4.0.1 by Vut
Class: Hunter | Category: Other | Server : EU - Hellscream ( Conviction )
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This video was shot on 23-10-2010 on the European server Hellscream. This was my very old level 62 alt called Swítch. My main characters are on Shattered Hand - EU, I mostly play my 80 mage called Vut feel free to add me ingame.

Since patch 4.0.1 hunters could have more pets at the same time. As I saw this I found out a way to get countless pets. When I had my 30 raptors I thought that was enough for the video.

As I got my raptors from STV I marched with my army to Goldshire, when I got there alot of people noticed my presence and all my pets. A big crowd formed and everyone was following me, and I got spammed in whispers, group invites and duels. In duels I couldn't be killed by anyone (except for 80's that could top their damage over my max HP), cause of all ''Spirit Bond'' buffs which made your regenerate 2% of your total health every 10 seconds I could not be killed.

When I had a chat with the GM they gave me an account warning for exploitation.

Music: Mt Eden DnB - The Streets

Please also visit my youtube page, you can also watch the video there.
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