Kayosiv: Good Riddance WotLK by Kayosiv
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ABOUT THE MOVIE: This is a world pvp movie that takes place during season 6-7. It is certainly not a movie about skill, and consists largely of me dying or killing people who I vastly out-gear. It was made for entertainment purposes and to convey the message that world PvP, even in its current limited form, is still very fun, and as it gets rarer and rarer due to poor decisions made by Blizzard, we risk losing one of the best aspects that World of Warcraft has to offer.

Intro: I feel Akrios is spot on is his assessment of what has been causing the slow decline of the World of Warcraft. Go checkout his site roguerogue.com if you haven't already and read his "formal farewell." I have never liked arena, and have always tolerated it so I could get toys to world PvP with. That just doesnít register with people anymore. Without available or probable world PvP, I find myself lacking the urge to log on at all.

Scene 1: My Death knight during season 6 romping around being completely overpowered. Itís kind of fun to just look at the absurdity that death knights were at the start of this expansion. This isnít even at the height of shadow frost or other nonsense that was nerfed at the end of season 5. I recall fearing nothing with the exception of ret paladins at the time. It was fun just because I could spend the entire day running around world pvping.

Scene 2: Out skilling the skill-less. These are the moments that you just canít help but laugh at.

Scene 3: 1v1 fight with the elemental shaman Tero. While neither of us are close to skill capped, the fight has some interesting twists and is even enough that it is fun to watch.

Scene 4: I always despised that knockback effects knocked you off your mount, even though it rarely effected me because I had my parachute cloak. In my many hours spent scouring Wintergrasp for world PvP, I found a druid named Novawind who embraced that ability and made it her goal to terrorize the skies of Wintergrasp keep. This footage was taken when it was learned that knock-backs would be nerfed to no longer dismount players, much to Novawindís chagrin.

Scene 5: Great escapes are always fun to watch, and I included some of my most tricky and unlikely in this portion of the video. Also included are some attempts to get away from me from various opponents. They are less successful than myself in this endeavor.

Scene 6: Babber was one of the casualties of WotLK. One of the best mages Iíve ever seen, he informed me that playing his character was no longer fun for him. Unfortunately, this footage was taken after my long hiatus from my warrior, so I am not in optimal gear (if you look closely youíll notice my 1H is a dagger) and am far from the top of my game. Still, I hope this scene is a fitting tribute to a great mage, and I hope he comes back one day so we can duel again. Our duels in BCC were some of the most heart racing Iíve ever been in. To help convey just how emo fighting a good frost mage makes me, I selected the most screamo song possible, I think I succeeded in that regard, perhapsÖ too well.

Track List:
LMFAO ft Lil Jon - Shots (Dirty)
Queen - You're My Best Friend
Futurama Hell is Other Robots Ė Robot Hell
Weather Girls Ė Itís Raining Men
Devlin - Runaway (Featuring Yasmin)
The Used - Take it away
Modest Mouse - Float On

I waited almost 2 years for WoW PvP to get good again. Why waste so much time? The duels inside the Ironforge Military Ward and the island of Quel'Danas were quite possibly the most fun I've ever had playing a video game. So I waited. I waited for duels to become fun again. I waited for another Quel'Danas. And now, after so much time I find that the WotLK is over, and those things never came.

PvP balance in season 5 started off terrible, so while I waited, I made my Deathknight. If I couldn't have fun on my warrior, I could at least enjoy being outrageously overpowered until PvP was fixed. Time passed, deathknights were finally nerfed, warriors buffed, and I started playing him again in season 6, but PvP was still a shadow of its former self.

Damage and healing was far too high compared to health totals, and new talent points and abilities gave everyone too many outs and immunities. I-WIN buttons like bladestorm, killing spree, dancing rune weapon, starfall, and gargoyle were everywhere. Healers had infinite mana, tanks were doing more damage then pure dps classes, and casters were killing people in 2-3 global cooldowns. It was a mess.

Worst of all, is the state, or rather absence, of world PvP. 1.5 second flying mount cast times made world pvp harder. World battle ground ques made it more rare. Dungeon finder abolished it all-together. In the current state of WoW, there simply is no reason to leave town. You can make money, earn badges for the best gear in the game, farm honor, do arenas, all without ever having to step foot outside of a sanctuary zone.

What does that mean? It means that WoW has stopped being an MMO. An MMO would require you to form social networks and to venture forth into a vast expansive world. WoW right now is a series of instances, where each tier of raid content makes the last one obsolete. There is no World anymore. No progression. No point.

And still through it all, I world PvP'd, because that is my favorite thing to do in WoW. Despite all the class imbalances and lack of opponents and lack of the best pvp gear because I couldn't find arena partners, I world PvP'd. And I filmed it.

It has always been my goal while playing WoW to have fun, and it has always been my goal making PvP movies to show everyone else just how fun I'm having and how fun world PvP can be. The reason I haven't come out with any movies in the last year (apart from my account being expired) was because I was not having fun, so I didn't feel like I could deliver a good movie.

Well the other day I found all my videos, all my started and never finished videos. There were a lot of them, and I kept throwing footage and the unfinished vids away in disgust. I almost deleted everything, but then realized that perhaps I can give Wrath of the Lich King a sendoff. I still had fun playing with friends, and still had a lot of great world PvP moments. Few compared to level 70, but maybe that was OK.

My hope, is that Blizzard will realize that WotLK is their first great failure. As WotLK wore on, the PvP community of my server faded away. Some quit, some transferred, and nobody wanted to duel for fun anymore. This expansion has been the death of many PvP legends. The game didn't "get old" but rather changed. The amount of subscribers may still be increasing, but my faith in Blizzard is shaken for the first time since I installed Lost Vikings. I hope Cataclysm can patch some of the holes in their reputation; otherwise it will be the first Blizzard Product that I do not own.
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