Cataclysm Warrior Guide Arms 4.0 - 4.01, Rotation,Spec,Glyphs Level 80-85 by starskyxaj
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Arms warrior guide for patch 4.01 this all applies for level 85 and this video does include level 85 content. I dont go over everything, like I mention that would have taken 26 minutes.

Stats: Strength/Mastery/Crit/Haste (assuming 8% hit)
if you dont have 8% hit (cap) then reforge for that

Rotation: Rend/Mortal Strike/Over Power/Execute/Heroic Strike/Slam

Only use slam when Heroic Strike is on CD and you are over 60 rage
When Deadly Calm is popped use that same rotation but when you cant use the first 4 moves for your global cooldown filler moves use slam, and of couse keep Heroic Strike on Cool Down.

I Hope This Helps

Dont Be Afraid To Play Arms! =D Best of luck to you all
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