Sethekk Halls HC Anzu Solo - Shadow Priest by Pulsing
Class: Priest | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Grim Batol ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Don't watch this movie if:

You don't like undead
You don't like priest or it's shadow shadow spec
You don't like solo dungeon videos

I do use some sarcasm, it's just as i am and i'm sorry if you don't like it. Can't control it sometimes oO :D

Hey everybody :)
This is my first movie, my first time ever running fraps and my first time using any kind of video editor . I used Windows movie maker to edit it . jk , i used Sony Vegas 10 and i actually enjoyed doing it and learned everything by myself so don't downrate for the editing please :D Don't be too harsh at me . I think the movie is between my expectations and fullfilled my wishes more than i wanted to .

The purpose of the video:
1st of all it is meant to show people out there how to farm the Raven Lord mount which drops from Anzu the boss killed in the video.
2nd is to get feedback about the video because i'll be making mainly pvp at cataclysm and want to record both arenas and bg's and want to have a nice idea of how i did on doing this project.

What to expect:
1. AWZUM INTRO! (featuring my cute Haunted Mementum Rocking)
2. The best way (from my point of view) to get to Anzu Room even tho i fail since i'm such a slacker due to my cold O_o
3. Boss Kill
4. Bonus Content - Shows a Shadow Priest bug . I don't know if many people knows about this but i've never seen anyone managing to pull this out so i just felt like showing and telling you guys how to :b It has been possible since patch 3.3
5. More Bonus Clips - Amazing Duel vs OMG geared dk
6. Credits (Thanks xhanon and testjee for the scenario tip :D)

1. Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita
2. Sum41 - Over My Head (Acoustic Version)
3. Alex Kunnari´╗┐ - Lifter
4. Katy Perry - California Gurls (featuring my voice (it is extremely more sexy but i have a cold and i look like an undead talking oO))

If you don't like any of this songs please listen to your own.

Programs Used:
World of Warcraft
Windows Voice Recorder xD
Sony Vegas 10

Hope You Enjoy , and please provide constructive feedback .

Pulsing Out! :bb
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