Ventertainment - Nerd Confusion by Raisehe11
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1. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

2. This is purely audio, with pictures to reflect somewhat what is being said.

3. The pictures mentioned are "mostly" unrelated to WoW; the audio is however consisting of a group of guys on their lowbies talking about/running Blackfathom Deeps when they are interrupted by the presence of VentertainMe and his soundboard.

4. This is not my recording, it was recorded by YouTube user (VentertainMe)

5. I am only responsible for adding pictures in (sloppily) rather than typing out what was said like in the original video (link below).

6. Why am I sharing this? I found the original video a year or so ago; I still find it funny. Hoping to make a few others laugh =)

--I know not everyone will get every reference. "Goku's" laugh reminded me of the dad at the comedy barn video (below) which is why I used it.--

Comedy Barn Dad:
Original YouTube Video:
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