Odnek frost pvp by Odnek
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Hey everyone been enjoying the movies on here for ages now its time to give a little something back.

The idea to do a pvp movie stems back to vanilla however the process of getting to the finished article has been frought with difficulties, certainly have alot more respect for pvp movie makers.

Initially it was going to be featuring a warrior and all though there was nearly enough footage in the burning crusade it never worked out.

Once WOTLK came out and after playing the DK everything felt right to finally put something meaningful together. After one hard drive failure (in which the second cinematic was lost unfortunatly) and a broken arm the movie is finally here.

It's worth mentioning the footage is from patch 3.3 so health pools are lower.

What to expect

BG pvp (would love to have added world pvp but blizzard seems intent on murdering that, long live tyres hand)

Crappy opponents (im sure they were just having an off day there other char are rank 1 glads)

playlist is as follows
Assassin's creed Soundtrack: Acre underworld
Timesplitters 2 Music: Notre Dame
Sybreed Neurodrive
Girugamesh Nitro
dead kennedy's police truck
D'espairsray - Forbidden
Herrschaft - Human Soul
Mop Cold as ice

Any questions or comments please feel free to post and i will attempt to anwser.

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