Ecnad 1 - 80/81 Shadow Priest World PvP by Ecnad
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ursin ( Shadowburn )
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PLEASE DOWNLOAD FOR BEST A/V QUALITY (filmed in glorious 720p)

Hi! I wanted to release a world PvP video based around expansion leveling, like some of my old favorites from BC and WotLK (mostly BC), so I did!

The purpose of the video is to show you what some of the new zones look like, show some fun 1vns, and give off an old school sort of feel like the classic WCM movies from early BC. If you've taken a second glance at my name or my UI, you'll notice that I want to pay particular tribute to a certain jerk who never released his fourth movie. :(

The credits at the end are basically a massively long /brofist, but it might be worth watching because Pomplamoose is amazing, and you should look them up. (ilu nataly)

As of now, I'm still level 81, trying to come up with more excuses to avoid leveling.



The Hives - Abra Cadaver
The Hives - Antidote
Incubus - Rogues
Beck - Black Tambourine
Pomplamoose - Centrifuge

Filmed entirely on Ursin - US.
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