CB07 preview world pvp WILL NEVER DIE by Cold
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ravenholdt ( Whirlwind )
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“The amount of fun Blizzard is willing to sacrifice for the lameasses who can’t pick the right realm-types for their toons is saddening.” – loo


no matter your LFD
your BGs
your arenas
your phat easy welfare epix
your teleports & afk-flying mounts
your linear, scripted content that's oh-so-popular with the teeming masses on their PvBunnyflower servers

Music is "A Bullet for Pretty Boy - I Will Destroy the Wisdome of the Wise" and not the kind of music that I like or listen to, I heard the first ten sec and clicked "yes" on Youtube's audioswap thing after the WMG nazis took my sound. But the average WCM troll will like it no doubt.

For my real life movies see:


This is just for fun, not to show skill etc etc you know the drill. YES I NEED A POWERSHIFT MACRO. Filmed in 3.3ish. I play completely without UI showing, btw. (/wink) You can't have my Primal Blessing toy.

If you want more of the big tiger see halfway through CB03 100 Dead Death Knights
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