Best of WoW PVP 03 by Cold
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ravenholdt ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
Best 1v1 ever caught on film.
If you like world pvp and want people to talk about it, please post a link to this on your blog or guild or server forum and/or click "Support This Movie" up on the right at WCM.

�people� just crowd round in the major cities and only emerge for ways to upgrade their gear.� - FAWZ of Dragonblight

R.I.P. Unbreakable - your movie will live forever.

OMG Y NO AKRIOS OR NEILYO? They'll be in later installments. If you're a movie author I'll take your opinion very seriously. This selection is just my opinion.

Suggestions: BE SPECIFIC. Tell me what scene in what movie. I'm biased toward amazingly cool jaw-dropping jumps and use of terrain, if you hadn't caught on to that already. Mad respect to arena diehards, though, there'll be more arena. I'm having trouble getting all specs represented, bear with me.

WHAT SONG IS THAT? Google the lyrics or watch the original, maybe?

SOUND SUCKS. Just fixed it and cut some fluff, re-uploading now. Really - this isn't the film you want. The originals is what you want.

Film-makers who replied saying I could use their content:
Tosan WCM
TosanTribe Youtube
Shadowguardo (100 Rogues in 4 minutes)
Grim (Total Annihilation is coming back!)
Pajay/Starmist/How To Feral/
Goon Squad FalconBK
John Rodriguez aka Pancakes of Gorgonnash
Spit/Spitty/Blink Master
The man, the myth, the Akrios
If you're in the above and haven't been featured yet, you will. I'm putting this together in no particular order while trying to feature all specs and spread out the rogues/mages.

Fix WoW by Talking Shit

RL movies (another CrossFit film coming next!): CB08 We Are SoCal

Thanks to:
Gedan and Uzbeki for the best wow gaming movie website. Authors who replied, underrated and famous. Blizzard Mac Dev Team for built-in UI-less recording. Blizzard world design team. Crossfit girls.

No thanks to:
Flying mounts being immune to pvp. Knockback dismount for one spec of each class, and parachutes for all, I say. PVE'rs please stay safe and I sincerely hope you enjoy the game on pve servers.

PLEASE HELP me find these:
2. AV video (mage/lock?) where he jumps up on a vertical post while a rogue (?) tries to repeatedly shadowstep (?) him and falls off, hilariously.
3. Feral video at AB LM, rogue shadowsteps himself off the cliff, and mage keeps sheeping his target, author was a regular on the official druid forums during TBC era (Plainsrunner?) iirc.

Lastly, learn HOW TO FILM PVP at
Hello, awesome entertaining Enhancement Shaman Pvpers? Hello? Anyone there?

The Coldbear Report Best Of Wow List

...That epic PvP encounter in the roaming world, a random battle behind some mystifying scenery that will only happen once, where the only reward is pride. World PvP is WoW as a game, as a memorable experience. - Akrios
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