Acebane 1 - 2600 RLS by Acebane
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cenarius ( Whirlwind )
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Acebane's Arena Team 1
Acebane Instabilýty Vendal
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Hey guys,
This is my first video for Warcraft Movies. There's little to no editting in this video. This video showcases RLS which all the clips were recorded anywhere from 2000-2600 Rating. Clips were recorded within 1-2 weeks of playing together for the first time, so we may not be 100% polished. Shadowdance Rogue Perspective. Currently Rank 2 on the Ladder.

Before watching this I must advise you that our Skype conversation is sometimes a bit intense and energetic. If you think you may dislike "shouting" as many have called it, I ask you not to rate the video based on it. If you can't help but rate the video based on if you like our voices, I ask you not to watch it at all. Thank you. Enjoy.

All the clips are Arena oriented and have Skype Comms included.

There's some mistakes made in the video and an occasional split-second skey! I'm not claiming to be an amazing rogue, so I didn't bother editing out mistakes made. You also may notice I suffer from a bit of latency problems, so that's why I usually blow my kick as soon as I see a cast because I can't wait to see if it's a fake cast or not.

Apologies for graphic glitches during the video, I might have rendered incorrectly or something.

Hope you enjoy the video!


Team Armory:

W/L Ratio isn't that great because we started the team off with our Shaman in Agi gear lol =)

Addons Used (First clip):
Perry Party Frame Fix
Cataclysm Damage Text
Mt Eden - Beautiful Lies
Mt Eden - When Will The Storm Begin
Mt Eden - Still Alive
Mt Eden - Escape
Bonnie Tyler - Turn Around
Mt Eden - Imogen Heap - The Walk
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