Grim - Total Annihilation by Grim
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Welcome to my second movie, after a three month break from the game I came back to WoW after my exams, only to be spending what little time I had online in an instance which unfortunately meant I had to spec pure PVE, combat swords. Obviously respeccing to 31 8 12, (my old spec) whenever I was not in an instance was not an option, so I decided to bite the bullet and just PVP with combat swords and the first section of this video is the result. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate the power behind the combat swords build, and to show just how viable this build is in PVP by overwhelming your opponents with abilities unique to the combat tree. This section mainly consists of 1 VS 1 against the hardest opponents on my realm who were willing to duel me, world PVP, BG PVP, and also some unique fights I think you will enjoy very much (me duelling two sulfuras warriors at the same time) etc. The use of the shadow reflector is just to show how effective and useful this trinket is, im merely showcasing another way to win :)

The second section, is 31 8 12, my old dagger PVP spec, I am sorry that the dagger PVP section is small in comparison to the combat section I have had very little time to actually be 31 8 12 since my last movie, so please appreciate the short amount of time I have had to film and edit the dagger fights, but its very fast paced, with intense fights and some editing so I hope you like it just the same. This section mainly consists of world PVP.

I was going to release the movie last week, but when 1.12 was released on Wednesday, and I acquired a new weapon, I decided to delay the release of my movie and spec hemmo for a few days. The last section of my movie is the result of this new spec (this part is my favourite :D) also, this section was all edited and filmed in the space of one week so forgive any amateur editing or mistakes :P

Anyway, if you don�t like hideous cooldown abuse, mad crits and trinket abuse or are hoping for 10 minute long duels against paladins and druids which shows OMFG SKILLZ then your not gonna like this movie, I can tell you ;) BTW I know there is a lot of trinket usage so believe me when I say trinket abuse I mean it. Rentakis trinket is a very useful trinket, and it is almost essential to use in order to make combat spec a viable PVP build for efficient stunlocking. I didn�t really need to use it in the hemmo section, but I just wanted to demonstrate how ridiculously overpowered this new spec is when accompanied by this trinket :D.

Anyway, Enjoy the movie ^.^


This movie was made mainly for entertainment purposes and to show how rogues can trash pretty much anything when played right. Although I have noted that a minority of people did want to see the more skilled side of things, there were two reasons I did not show that side of my playing style. Firstly the small amount of the tricks shown in rogue movies over the period of WoW's history have been nerfed shortly after the films release (remember the frost reflector?) you get the idea. Secondly, I�m sure most rogues (including myself, and the ones I PVP with) would like the tricks we have figured out over our time in WoW, that give us the edge in PVP to be kept secret for as long as possible without them being broadcast to the world. Because once its on film, and once the WoW playing population has seen it, everyone is doing it, and once everyone is doing it, people learn how to counter it and it becomes useless in PVP, or more simply it is just nerfed. Which I must say is very irritating, and revealing things like that is not worth any amount of extra credit or fame to me.

So seriously, who the hell honestly wants to see me doing a 10 min duel against a druid, or a 5 min duel against a warrior, using no CD but showing �skills� honestly people, this isn�t what PVP is about, one day it will be realised :) If you want to watch more slow, methodic and thought out kills, go and watch other movies. But for me�its all about the BOOM ;)
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